COVID-19 Impact on Community Practices

As communities around the world grapple with the impact of COVID-19, AmerisourceBergen is playing a significant role in protecting the global pharmaceutical supply chain. Every day, patients depend on us to efficiently deliver essential and often life-saving products precisely when they are needed. Our responsibility as one of the largest companies supporting healthcare infrastructure around the world has been significantly amplified as providers battle this global pandemic. Federal and state policymakers have passed COVID-19 related relief legislation and continue to negotiate additional incentive relief. We support policies that will help ensure supply chain stability and support our customers and patients in these unprecedented times.

Our role is centered on urging policymakers to consider the unique concerns of community & independent specialty physician practices. We are urging congressional leaders to extend sequestration relief during the ongoing pandemic and will continue to push for the permanent elimination of the 2% across the board Medicare Part B sequestration reimbursement cuts to physicians. We also advocate for more flexibility in the structure of future SBA loans or specific funding to accommodate the unique financial burdens of specialty physician practices whose life-saving pharmaceutical inventory costs far exceed their payroll expenses.