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U.S. Representative Martha Roby Meets with Oncology Supply


On July 11th, U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) made her second trip to Oncology Supply’s (OS) Dothan Headquarters. Rep. Roby first met with OS’ senior leadership team, including Dave Leverette, President Provider Solutions, Barry Fortner, President Oncology Supply, Peter Covert, VP Operations, Branham Hanchey, Director Customer Service, Brad Tallamy, Director Government Affairs AmerisourceBergen, Angela Lewis, HR Manager, Shirley Sapp, VP Procurement, Jennifer Leverette, VP Customer Relations, Tim Koogler, Director Operations, Dirk Shimabukuro, VP Information Technology, Daphne Faulk, VP Finance, Jeff Hale, Director Automation, Donna Westmoreland, Director of Contracts & Chargebacks, Melinda McClendon, Director of Marketing, Sophia Jones, Director of Sales Operations, Bryan Darrow, Director of Procurement, Charles Gallion, Warehouse Manager, Kelly Hart, Director Credit & Collections, and Brannon Lucas, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis. Following this meeting, Rep. Roby participated in a Town Hall attended by nearly 100 OS associates where she provided an update on health care reform and her efforts to promote growth and support veterans in the District and across the country.  Barry Fortner thanked Rep. Roby for her opposition to last year’s Part B Demo and efforts to eliminate the Medicare sequester which continues to threaten patient access to community-based care.  Barry also updated Rep. Roby on ABC’s multiple meetings with the Trump Administration.  Rep. Roby appreciated our efforts and committed to continue championing this critical issue.

Barry Fortner, Brad Tallamy, Branham Hanchey, Dave Leverette, Rep. Martha Roby, and Peter Covert


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