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AMA Passes Resolution To Help Block Part B Demo


On June 15, the American Medical Association (AMA) passed a resolution in opposition to CMS' Part B Drug Payment demonstration. The resolution requests CMS to withdraw the demo. If that request is not met, the resolution states that AMA will work with lawmakers to block the experiment's implementation.

“Whereas, The proposed Part B Drug Payment Model narrowly focuses on one aspect of Medicare reimbursement while ignoring overarching problems with Medicare’s current reimbursement paradigm, including the fact that Medicare does not reimburse or under reimburses for many of the health care services that patients need and physicians provide...RESOLVED, That our American Medical Association request that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) withdraw the proposed Part B Drug Payment Model... and be it further RESOLVED, That our AMA support and actively work to advance Congressional action to block the proposed Part B Drug Payment Model if CMS proceeds with the proposal,” says the resolution passed at the AMA's annual meeting. The resolution also advocates against policies that could undermine access to the best course of treatment for patients and makes a recommendation to CMS  to collect and consider feedback from patients and physicians when looking to alter reimbursement.

Previously, AMA wrote to CMS that, while it “strongly supports efforts to investigate and control the escalating cost of prescription drugs and biologicals,” the agency should withdraw the first phase of the demonstration because the cuts could undermine beneficiaries' access to care and move treatment to a higher-cost delivery site.

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